Feeding Time: Can Leopard Geckos Eat Beetles?


Leopard geckos are popular pets known for their unique beauty and relatively easy care. One important aspect of keeping a healthy leopard gecko is providing a well-balanced diet. While their primary diet mainly consists of insects, it is crucial for owners to know what types of insects are safe for their geckos. In this article, we will explore whether or not leopard geckos can eat beetles.

Understanding a Leopard Gecko’s Diet

Leopard geckos are insectivores, which means they primarily eat insects. In the wild, they feed on various small insects such as crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and roaches. When kept as pets, their diet should closely resemble their natural one to ensure proper nutrition and digestion.

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Beetles?

Yes, leopard geckos can eat beetles. However, it is essential to choose the right types of beetles to feed them. The best option is to offer wild-caught beetles found in your local area. This approach ensures that the beetles are free from pesticides or other harmful chemicals that may be present in commercially bred insects.

Which Beetles Are Safe?

Not all beetles are safe for leopard geckos to consume. It’s crucial to avoid any brightly colored beetles, as they often indicate potential toxicity. Instead, opt for small, non-poisonous beetles that are similar in size to the insects found in their natural habitat. Additionally, make sure the beetles are an appropriate size for your leopard gecko to swallow comfortably.

Beetle Preparation and Feeding

Before feeding beetles to your leopard gecko, it is essential to clean them. Rinse them with clean water and ensure that they are free from dirt or any debris that might have been collected during collection. It’s also crucial to remember to never feed wild-caught insects that have come into contact with pesticides or chemicals.


Leopard geckos can safely eat beetles, provided they are from a safe source and are the appropriate size for your gecko. Remember to avoid brightly colored beetles and always clean them before feeding. When considering a leopard gecko’s diet, it’s best to consult with a reptile veterinarian or an experienced reptile keeper to ensure your gecko’s nutritional needs are met.

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