Feeding Dubia Roaches: Can They Consume Orange Peels?


Dubia roaches are highly nutritious feeder insects commonly used to feed reptiles, amphibians, and other small exotic pets. Keeping them well-fed and providing a varied diet is essential for their health and overall quality as feeders. In this article, we will address the question: can Dubia roaches consume orange peels?

Understanding Dubia Roach Diet

Dubia roaches are omnivorous insects, which means they can consume both plant matter and animal protein. In the wild, they feed on decaying organic matter including fruits, vegetables, and dead insects. In captivity, they thrive on a similar diet that consists of a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and high-quality commercial roach feed or gut-loading food.

Potential Benefits of Orange Peels

Orange peels contain several nutrients that can be beneficial for Dubia roaches. They are rich in fiber, which aids digestion and can help maintain gut health in roaches. Additionally, orange peels provide a good source of vitamin C, flavonoids, and other antioxidants that can contribute to the overall nutritional value of the insects.

Feeding Orange Peels to Dubia Roaches

While orange peels can be offered to Dubia roaches, it is important to do so in moderation and with caution. The peels should be thoroughly washed to remove any pesticides or chemical residues that may be present on the surface. Organic oranges are preferred to ensure the absence of harmful chemicals.

The peels should be cut into small pieces to make it easier for the roaches to consume and avoid any potential choking hazards. Only offer small amounts of orange peels as treats occasionally, as they should not constitute a significant portion of their diet. Providing a balanced diet with a variety of other fruits, vegetables, grains, and gut-loading food is essential to maintain their optimal health.

Potential Risks and Considerations

While orange peels can provide some nutritional benefits, there are certain risks and considerations to bear in mind. Citrus fruits, including oranges, can sometimes cause acidity-related issues in Dubia roaches and other invertebrates, affecting their digestive system or overall well-being. Therefore, it is important not to overfeed orange peels or rely solely on them as a food source.

Regular observation of your Dubia roaches’ behavior and overall health is crucial. If you notice any negative effects after offering orange peels, such as decreased appetite or abnormal behavior, it is best to remove them from their diet and consult with a veterinarian or an insect expert for further guidance.


In summary, while Dubia roaches can consume orange peels in moderation, it is important to offer them as treats rather than a staple food source. Following proper washing and preparation techniques, and monitoring their overall health and well-being will ensure a balanced diet and the optimal growth of your roaches, benefiting both your pets and the reptiles or amphibians they are intended to feed.

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