Feeding Chickens: Can they eat corn silk and husks?


When it comes to feeding chickens, it is essential to provide them with a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. While commercial chicken feed serves as the primary source of their daily nutrients, chickens also enjoy consuming various types of scraps and plant-based materials. Corn silk and husks, for instance, are commonly found in many households, particularly during corn harvesting season. But can chickens safely eat corn silk and husks? Let’s explore further.

What are Corn Silk and Husks?

Corn silk is the fine, silky threads that emerge from the top of an ear of corn. It is the female reproductive part of the corn plant and plays a vital role in pollination. On the other hand, husks are the green outer coverings that protect the ear of corn as it grows.

The Nutritional Value of Corn Silk and Husks

Corn silk and husks are not significant sources of nutrition for chickens. They primarily consist of cellulose, which is not easily digestible by poultry. While chickens might show interest in pecking at corn silk and husks, it is important to note that these materials are low in protein and do not contain essential vitamins and minerals that chickens require for optimal health.

Possible Risks

Feeding chickens large quantities of corn silk and husks can lead to digestive issues. Due to the high cellulose content, these materials can cause crop impaction or blockage in the digestive system, potentially leading to health problems in chickens. It is crucial to prioritize their main diet of balanced chicken feed and provide treats or scraps in moderation.

Feeding Recommendations

While corn silk and husks should not be a significant part of a chicken’s diet, small amounts can be provided as occasional treats. Ensure that the corn silk and husks are clean, free from any pesticides or harmful substances. It is also advisable to chop or shred them into small pieces to make digestion easier for the chickens.


While chickens may show interest in consuming corn silk and husks, it is important to limit their intake due to the low nutritional value and potential digestive issues. Always prioritizing a balanced diet based on commercial chicken feed will provide chickens with the necessary nutrients for their overall well-being. When offering any treats or scraps, moderation is key to maintaining their health and happiness.

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