Can Hamsters Eat Cardboard? What You Should Know

Can Hamsters Eat Cardboard? What You Should Know

Hamsters are adorable and popular pets known for their small size, furry coats, and playful nature. As responsible pet owners, it is essential for us to provide our hamsters with a healthy and balanced diet. Hamsters mainly eat seeds, pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. However, they often show interest in chewing on various objects, including cardboard. But can hamsters eat cardboard? Let’s delve deeper into this topic to understand what you should know.

Can Hamsters Eat Cardboard?

Cardboard is not toxic or harmful to hamsters if consumed in small amounts. Unlike some other household items, such as plastic, cardboard is generally safe for them to chew on. Hamsters have incisors that continue growing throughout their lives, and they need to gnaw on things to wear down their teeth. Cardboard can provide a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for them.

Benefits of Chewing Cardboard for Hamsters

Chewing on cardboard offers several benefits for hamsters. Firstly, cardboard offers mental stimulation. Hamsters are curious creatures, and providing them with interesting items like cardboard boxes can ward off boredom. Chewing and exploring cardboard can keep them mentally active and engaged.

Secondly, chewing cardboard helps keep hamsters’ teeth at the right length. As mentioned earlier, their teeth grow continuously, and if they don’t have suitable objects to chew on, their teeth may become overgrown. Overgrown teeth can cause many health issues, including difficulty eating and potential injuries to the mouth.

Moreover, cardboard is a safe and easily digestible material for hamsters. Unlike plastic or metal, which can cause serious harm if accidentally ingested, cardboard is much less dangerous. However, it is crucial to monitor your hamster while they chew on cardboard to prevent them from eating too much or swallowing large pieces.

Precautions and Guidelines

While cardboard is generally safe for hamsters, it is essential to follow certain precautions and guidelines:

1. Opt for plain, untreated cardboard: Ensure that the cardboard you provide to your hamster is plain and free from any chemicals or coatings. Decorative or printed cardboard may have toxic substances that can harm your pet.

2. Remove any adhesives or staples: Before giving cardboard to your hamster, check for any adhesives, tape, or staples that could be harmful if ingested. Remove any such materials to prevent potential health risks.

3. Use cardboard as an occasional treat: While chewing on cardboard is enjoyable and offers benefits, it should not constitute the majority of your hamster’s diet. Treat cardboard as an occasional addition to their usual diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can hamsters eat colored or printed cardboard?
It is best to avoid giving your hamster colored or printed cardboard. The dyes and inks used in printing may contain toxic substances that can harm your pet. Stick to plain, untreated cardboard to ensure the safety of your hamster.

2. Can hamsters eat cardboard toilet paper rolls?
Hamsters can indeed enjoy chewing on cardboard toilet paper rolls. However, be sure to remove any remaining paper or adhesive from the roll before giving it to your hamster.

3. Can hamsters eat cardboard boxes?
Yes, hamsters can chew on cardboard boxes. They often enjoy exploring and nesting in them. Make sure to remove any adhesives or tape from the cardboard box before offering it to your hamster.

4. How much cardboard can hamsters eat?
While cardboard is safe, it should be offered in moderation. Limit the amount of cardboard your hamster chews on, ensuring it is just a part of their varied diet. Too much cardboard consumption can lead to digestive issues.


In conclusion, hamsters can safely chew on cardboard as it offers mental stimulation, helps wear down their teeth, and serves as a digestible material. However, it is crucial to ensure that the cardboard is plain, untreated, and free from any toxic substances. Always remove any adhesives, tape, or staples from the cardboard before giving it to your hamster. Monitor your pet while they chew to prevent excessive consumption. With the appropriate precautions, cardboard can be a welcomed addition to your hamster’s enrichment activities.

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