Can Cats Safely Enjoy Funyuns? What Experts Say


As pet owners, we often wonder if our furry friends can share some of our favorite snacks. One question that frequently pops up is whether cats can safely enjoy Funyuns, those addictive onion-flavored snacks. To find out the answer, let’s delve into what the experts have to say.

The Dangers of Onions for Cats

Onions are known to be toxic to cats. They contain a compound called N-propyl disulfide, which can lead to a condition called Heinz body anemia in felines. This condition is characterized by the destruction of red blood cells, resulting in anemia and various accompanying health issues.

Onions can cause damage to a cat’s red blood cells due to their high concentration of N-propyl disulfide. This compound can lead to oxidative damage within the bloodstream, affecting the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen efficiently. As a result, cats can become lethargic, experience difficulty breathing, and show other signs of anemia.

Fungal Toxins in Funyuns

Funyuns, alongside their onion flavoring, also contain several other ingredients that may pose a health risk to cats. One of the main concerns is the inclusion of corn and cornmeal, which can potentially contain harmful fungal toxins, such as aflatoxins.

Aflatoxins are produced by certain molds that can grow on crops like corn. It has been documented that these toxins have harmful effects on both human and animal health. Ingesting foods contaminated with aflatoxins can lead to liver damage and other serious health issues.

Expert Opinion

According to veterinarians and animal nutrition experts, it is best to avoid feeding Funyuns or any similar onion-flavored snacks to your cats. While the onion content itself is a potential threat, the risk of aflatoxin contamination in Funyuns elevates the danger even further.

Onions, whether fresh or in the form of seasonings and flavorings, should be kept away from cats altogether. It’s important to remember that felines have a different metabolism, and even small amounts of onion can be toxic for them.


In summary, cats should not be given Funyuns or any other snacks containing onions. The toxic compounds present in onions can cause severe health issues, especially when consumed by cats. Additionally, the potential presence of aflatoxins in Funyuns makes them even more hazardous to feline health.

If you’re looking to treat your feline companion, it is always advisable to stick to cat-safe snacks specifically designed for their nutritional needs. Consult with your veterinarian if you have any specific dietary concerns for your cat, as they can guide you in providing a balanced and safe diet for your beloved pet.

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